Doop a doop.

I'll make this look nice and pretty later but for now, all I have to say is enjoy the icons and please credit [community profile] idolatry for any you use. Commenting on icon pages is encouraged but not required :3


Also you should absolutely check out some of my friends icons:

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Tags: after seeing the movie and looking at my icons again I realized I wasn't happy with how they turned out. So I decided to touch them up and re-issue them. I've just done Diana's for the moment, but I'll fix up Steve and the rest of the cast and leave them here when they're done.

As always please remember to credit! ♥

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Made more icons of the twins, collected all icons made of them and am placing them all here. Again, quality of icons varies based on caps available. If anyone has higher quality screens available I'd be grateful to have them sent my way!

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I couldn't resist, don't judge me.

Quick and dirty iconing job with minor color adjustment. Quality of the caps was the best I could get :\

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So while doing GotG icons I found myself kicking up the color more and more because that's how I roll. As I had some pretty nice quality stills I decided to play around with these for the hell of it. All images are 1000px at their largest size so right-click the thumbnails to open them one by one. A zip of everything can be downloaded here. Please credit if you use for anything ♥

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